Special Education Teacher - Hanscom

2024-2025 School Year


Applicants selected will be subject to security background investigation and must meet and maintain eligibility and suitability requirements.


People of color are strongly encouraged to apply.
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This position reports to Coordinator of Special Education.



Position Title




Primary Purpose

Plan and provide specially designed instruction to assigned students and support classroom teachers with curriculum access, accommodations and modifications




As per contract between Lincoln School Committee and the Lincoln Teachers Association





Reports to Principal and Coordinator for Student Services




1.     Plan lessons with respect to Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and Curriculum Frameworks.

2.     Provide individualized instruction for all assigned students including those not on IEPs.

3.     Consult with classroom teachers regarding materials, curriculum units, classroom accommodations and program modifications.

4.     Develop modified materials in conjunction with classroom teachers, as needed to enable curriculum access.

5.     Participate on Instructional Support Teams and grade level teams as assigned by Principals.

6.     Perform educational assessments for TEAM Evaluation to determine student learning profiles, academic strengths and areas of need.

7.     Make instructional recommendations when a member of the Evaluation TEAM or assigned as a Section 504 Accommodation Plan Committee member by the Principal.

8.     Collaborate with Coordinator for Student Services to ensure that necessary forms and documents for initial TEAM, Review and Reevaluation meetings are complete.

9.     Chair TEAM Meetings as assigned to determine special education eligibility and oversee the planning process to formulate appropriate goals, objectives and instructional programs.

10.     Build relationships with students and parents, and serve as a resource for home strategies and approaches.

11.     Serve as IEP Liaison for assigned students by communicating and coordinating with colleagues, parents and other professionals.

12.     Monitor student progress with all TEAM members with regard to IEP goals and objectives.

13.     Supervise paraprofessionals regarding their instruction of students on IEPs.

14.     Guide students towards positive and enriching social interactions with others.

15.     Establish and monitor implementation of behavior support plans as needed.

16.     Write Individualized Education Programs, assessment and progress reports, and submit necessary documents to the school’s Student Services office.

17.     Participate on district curriculum planning teams.

18.     Promote equity and appreciation of diversity.

19.     Administer MCAS with accommodations and develop portfolios for MCAS alternate assessments as required by IEPs and Section 504 Accommodations Plans (in collaboration with classroom teachers).

20.     Support and facilitate transitions for students on IEPs between grades and schools.

21.     Perform other responsibilities as assigned by Principal or Coordinator for Student Services.








·       Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or university

·       Licensed as a special education teacher by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

·       Strong oral and written communication skills

·       Experience with the development and implementation of instructional accommodations, curriculum modifications, differentiated instruction, self-contained classroom instruction and collaborative teaching in inclusion settings.

·       The ability to administer, interpret and report educational assessments

·       Demonstrated understanding on the processes and regulations which govern the special education process

·       The ability to work on a multi-disciplinary team using a collaborative decision making process to reach consensus

·       Other requirements that may be determined by the Principal/Superintendent




Lincoln, Massachusetts


Lincoln is a residential suburb located 12 miles northwest of Boston. The community is rich in history with a strong tradition of citizen participation. The school district serves students in grades pre-kindergarten through eight. In addition to the K-8 Lincoln School, the district operates the Primary School and Middle School at Hanscom Air Force Base as well as an integrated Preschool. Lincoln has a long tradition of educational excellence and strives to offer innovative, student-centered instruction in an inclusive setting with small class sizes. As a founding member of the METCO Program, Lincoln has maintained its commitment to diversity and multi-cultural education.


Lincoln Public Schools Vision


The Lincoln Public Schools strive to cultivate all students and staff to be collaborative leaders who are critical thinkers, equity-oriented, and growth-minded, as outlined in the LPS Portait of a Learner.


The School Committee subscribes to the fullest extent to the principle of the dignity of all people and of their labors and will take action to ensure that any individual within the District who is responsible for hiring and/or personnel supervision understands that applicants are employed, assigned, and promoted without regard to their age, color, active military/veteran status, disability, national origin, ancestry, race, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions, or housing status. Every available opportunity will be taken in order to assure that each applicant for a position is selected on the basis of qualifications, merit and ability.