2024-2025 School Year


Applicants selected will be subject to a security background investigation and must meet and maintain eligibility and suitability requirements.


People of color are strongly encouraged to apply.
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Primary Purpose

To support and advise students, staff and parents regarding emotional, behavioral, and academic growth of students,

grades PreK-8


Contractual Relationship

As per contract between Lincoln School Committee and the Lincoln Teachers Association


Organizational Relationship


Reports to the Administrator for Student Services and the building principal.


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Consultation
  2. Advise and assist teachers, other professionals and parents regarding student learning profiles, accommodations, and program modifications to manage challenging student situations and to facilitate appropriate behavior and learning.
  3. Consult with parents, outside service providers and state agencies to facilitate cohesive services and resource coordination for students.
  4. Assist families with identifying supports and strategies to address challenges presented by students with serious emotional disabilities.
  5. Participate on Instructional Support Teams, upon Principal’s request, focusing on social, emotional, and behavioral functioning of students.
  6. Advise administrators on matters relating to student behavior and safety.
  7. Promote appreciation and support for human diversity.
  8. Evaluation
  9. Administer psychological assessments, interpret data, determine the emotional status of students, write reports and make recommendations to enhance student’s educational experience.
  10. Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments and support staff with the development of Behavioral Intervention Plans as necessary.
  11. Participate on TEAM Evaluation and Section 504 Accommodation Plan processes. 
  12. Intervention
  13. Support students so that they understand troubling issues and situations.
  14. Participate in crisis intervention and advise administrators regarding intervention plans and related issues.
  15. Counsel students individually and in groups focusing on behaviors that affect educational progress and the development of coping strategies.
  16. Provide short-term or crisis counseling for “at risk” students.
  17. Develop cohesive approaches to support students with mental health issues.
  18. Contact state agencies (i.e., DCF, DMH), and outside therapists and hospitals, as necessary, to gather information, collaborate with planning and make necessary referrals for programs and services.
  19. Serve as liaison, as assigned, for students on IEPs and 504 Accommodation Plans.
  20. Collaborate with district administration to plan and provide parent/guardian and staff education programs.
  21. Other
  22. Serve on school and system-wide mental health teams.
  23. Complete documentation necessary for TEAM and Section 504 Accommodation Plan processes to include social emotional/ behavioral goals for the IEP.
  24. Document necessary student situations as required by the state (i.e., 51A process).
  25. Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Administrator for Student Services or the Building Principal.